Client Testimonials and References

we saw many sights with you at our side. From the château de Versailles to the château de Chenonceau, we learned about your kings and their friends and their foe ! From dear St Thérèse to Omaha Beach to Mont St Michel, You continued to teach But you did it with verve and you did it with humor And now, there is a rumor That all of our hearts have completely been stole By Paris, By France and by dear Nicole”

Mr and Mrs Dittmeier
North Carolina- USA

“Our tour guide Nicole was fantastic. Her knowledge of France is quite impressive. We learned so much and saw so many things we would have missed if we didn’t have her with us”

Lynne Cats
Ontario – Canada

“Nicole Rambaud a guidé plusieurs fois nos groupes d’étudiants que j’ai accompagnés à Paris. A chaque fois, nous étions ravis par ses présentations artistiques, architecturales, politiques … et étions émerveillés par l’étendue de ses connaissances. En plus, elle est très sensible aux besoins des visiteurs et ouverte à toutes sortes de questions et discussion. Je vous la recommande"

Lois Oppenheim
New Jersey – USA

“Auf sehr charmante Art wurde uns die Stadt und auch Versailles ernsthaft aber auch streckenweise mit spitzem Humor nahegebracht„

Herr Scherbening
Fleckeby – Germany

“Nicole is our favorite tour guide ! on her tours, we learn many things : histories of the places we are visiting and human interest stories which are amusing and always told with spirit and humor. She is organized and fun to be with”

Patricia Beaton
Vancouver – Canada