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Paris Museum Tours

Here is a list of the most common tours I am asked to give in Paris .

To go to the museums, we will take the metro which is the most convenient way to get around.

I recommend half day tours for these visits; the guided tour in the museums last around 2 hours.

Entrance fees need to be paid directly on location.

For tour more details, please click on the respective museum name:

The Louvre Museum

Rodin Museum

Cluny Museum

Jacquemart André

Impressionist collections in the Orsay museum and the Marmottan museum

Any other museums upon request

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Louvre Museum

For your first visit, I would advice a general tour showing you the

Highlights :

Paintings by Leonardo da Vinci : Virgin of the Rocks, Mona Lisa…

Sculptures by Michelangelo : the 2 slaves

Greek statues: the Venus of Milo, the Nike of Samothrace

Works by French romantic painters : Delacroix, Géricault…..

Any works upon request.

And of course, I will present you the history of the Louvre and will show you the foundations of the fortress built in 1200 and exhibited since 1989.

I also make some specific visits :

In the Egyptian Department

French Paintings

Italian works


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Rodin Museum

fitted in a 18cy mansion, the Hôtel de Biron was chosen by Auguste Rodin

to house his works.

I will show you his sculptures in the mansion and the park such as:

The Burgers of Calais

The Gate of Hell

The kiss carved during his relationship with Camille Claudel

The Cathedral

and also the passionate works of Camille Claudel.


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Cluny Museum

The National Museum about the Middle Age is located in a mansion built for the abbots of the powerful Benedictine abbey of Cluny on the site of the roman baths.

During this guided tour, you will be able to see the oldest monument of Paris from the roman times and a magnificent collection of medieval works of art especially the set of 6 tapestries called the lady with the Unicorn.


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Jacquemart André

An exquisite mansion built in the Monceau section, the fashionable district during the 2 nd empire.

The Baron André had this mansion built to live, to organise parties and to house his collection.

There are then private rooms, official apartments with an amazing stair and exhibition rooms.

A great museum connected with a love story as the Baron André married Nelie Jacquemart, a portrait painter.
They both devoted their life to art with the creation of this museum.

It houses an exceptional collection of Italian Renaissance sculptures and paintings.

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Impressionist Collections

In the Orsay Museum

This museum is located on a former railway station built for the world fair of 1900 and houses an important collection of impressionist paintings.

It also shows the evolution from Academic art to the impressionism and up to Postimpressionism.

My tour will show you some 19cy academic art, then the school of Barbizon with the well known painting by Jean François Millet : the Angelus

And the works by the greatest impressionist painters such as Monet, Sisley,Renoir…..

And the works by Van Gogh, Gauguin.

This museum also houses a delightful tea house and ball room.

In the Marmottan museum

Located in the luxurious west end of Paris, this museum houses a large collection of impressionist paintings and among them the major work by Monet : “Impression soleil levant” meaning impression sun rises which gave its name to the impressionist movement and also the water lilies that he depicted at the end of his life

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